Robert on Snowpiercer
I watched it this weekend. All I can say is “Whoa”.


It’s a beautiful piece of cinema. It’s the director’s first piece in English. He’s Korean.

It’s a post apocalyptic film about a train. The last remaining life on Earth is on this train. The people at the back of the train, the tail, are less than steerage. From the beginning there is a clear caste/class system in place but we don’t have a clear pictures of how extreme the class gaps may be. It’s certainly a story on par with a story like 1984, which adds irony since John Hurt plays a key character in Snowpiercer and the 1984 film.

Chris Evans gives a killer performance as Curtis. They go to great lengths to hide his Captain America era physique so that he’d look like he fit in a society of folks who are starving.

It is based on a French graphic novel from the 80s but is an original piece. It was inspired by the graphic novel. The story is completely different as are the characters.

To say much more is to give away so much of the story.

It’s definitely worth watching. I give it a 3.75/4 stars.

It has a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes (

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