League for Innovations 2015

Simone, Michele and I just finished our presentation for League for Innovation.  Twitter #INNMA

Funny thing, I seem to learn more talking with my colleagues than sitting in on formal sessions.  Planning our presentation, we came to some insights on how campus dynamics have supported and undermined our push for innovation, for collaboration.  I like to tell myself that I am above such concerns–worrying about how others see me–however, I am growing more aware (in my early 50s) of how important buy in may be for these projects.  How people see me is tied to how they see my project.  This is something I learned long ago about teaching.

And now, we are sitting in a session on social justice in an online classroom.  In three minutes, a presenter just showed an effective tool: http://www.twiddla.com/.  A program or website that opens a whole new level of collaboration.  His tone, his word choice, and his demeanor call for engagement–he is relying on our participation.   His background is early childhood.  However, his strategies would benefit everything from credit classes to departmental meetings.

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