League of Innovations 2015, Day 2

Revisiting what a community college classroom looks like.

When I started teaching online in ’96 (it sounds like one of those movie with Gaby Hayes)–the two of use working on developing the courses felt as if we were cutting paths in an unexplored wilderness.  We did not take the time to look around us to see all of the others tackling the same innovations from other directions.

Over the last few years, those of us in THE Initiatives have been excited with the idea of reshaping the classroom.   The sense is much the same.  We are pioneers moving into new, unexplored territories.

It is still disconcerting to look up and find others populating the wilderness we assumed was uninhabited.  Other pioneers working on similar projects.  People who share our values, our goals.  At first it is threatening.  But as I listen, I hear an affirmation of what we have accomplished and a challenge to continue moving forward.

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