Pondering Ultron

Robert on the Alert
As if American children didn’t have enough trouble with spelling, movie studios have to misspell words in titles, like Genysis. Sheesh!

Have any of you seen any of the plot points that have been dropped in the new Terminator film? This time Sarah Connor was raised by a T-800 (Arnie model) Terminator.

I guess you could argue that they keep pushing Judgement Day out further and further but never quite prevent it creating some kind of vicious time vortex.

I am out of the loop.  I just saw the new Avengers trailer–and I read all of the hype.  I feel like I am missing something.

I would take the Avengers stuff with a grain of salt. You’re probably better off not looking at too much going in and trying to catch up after the fact. What you are seeing right now are the Marvel & Disney marketing machines ratcheting up interest. None of it is really important.

One thing of note: It would make more sense to me for Ultron to have JARVIS’s voice than The Vision…unless they go totally left field with this…since Ultron was made by Stark (it was Henry Pym/Ant-Man in the comics) and The Vision was made by Ultron. Then again, maybe Ultron modified his own voice.

One more note: This Avengers film is not about The Avengers. It’s about the setup for Captain America 3 and the two Avengers: Infinity Wars films. This is more of a traditional bridge film.

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