League for Innovations 2015, Day 3

Civitas, Part 2

Needed dinner before posting the follow up.  If you are in Boston and if you like burgers, you have to visit 5 Napkins Burgers.

Back to the topic.

The talk shifted to targeting students during heavy registration.  The insight based on data is an adage among experienced chairs: late registrations have higher attrition rates.

The question remains, though.  What other information could you gather on these later registration students to increase success?  Gather is not the right word.  According to everyone, it is there: we have it.

Instead of dropping these late arrivals into one of two bucket, look at them as individuals to shape schedules (class times, class meetings, and instructors) and courses.  We have the information to tailor our courses, our curriculum, to meet the specific needs of specific students in real time.

The Civitas rep listed the broad ranging data sources available to the company and the college. He shifted back to risk information and actionable information–identifying various actions that can be based on the data. Again, though, the ‘outreach strategies’ he listed as examples are all after the fact.  They are not preemptive strikes.

And of course in steps Valencia-“anyone can learn anything.”  “You shift the conversation to the conditions of learning.” There it is.  Valencia has created a culture of innovation that calls for encourages participation in all levels of the college.


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