DC Film Pondering

DC Films Prompts Robert 
I’m guessing WB’s attempt at a shared DC Film Universe won’t work as well as Marvel’s has but they seem to be doing really well in TV. It looks like they will be adding a few more shows to the fold:

Not a huge fan of the Arrow series, but I am already hooked on the Flash.

They are planning an animated Vixen series.  They also seem to be in the early stages of an Atom series and a Firestorm series. The guy they are pegging for Firestorm is the brother of the guy playing Arrow.

I like Arrow off and on. I haven’t gotten into The Flash. It could be a timing thing. I don’t have time to watch another TV show regularly.

I believe you can watch a lot of the CW shows, including Arrow and Supernatural, on CW’s website. Supernatural is a soap opera, so it’s addicting. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Many shows I’ve loved over the years were soaps in disguise.

With Gotham, I think they over thought the concept. It really should just be GCPD’s finest against mostly run of the mill crooks and gangsters with the occasional super freak showing up and seeing them have their hats handed to them by the super freaks. Even the way they’ve conceptualized it, it should be Penguin coming to power and Gordon getting beaten down within the force.

Person Of Interest is still the best Batman show ever.

Cootz Weighs In
State of Affairs is addictive and fun. Not as insane as the Blacklist but in the same vein.

If we could only get a decent Punisher series. Or maybe a Salt series. Can’t wait to see what Netflix does with DD.

Supernatural a soap opera?  And Person of Interest the best Batman? Wait.  What?

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