A New Face of Education

Robert W sent me this notice recently.   The panel is stunning.  I am envious of the community that can wander in to listen.

Lightning in a Panel:The American Superhero and the Invention of a Modern Mythology – Planet Princeton.

The sponsoring departments–Princeton Writing Program, the Department of English, the Program in American Studies, the Program in Gender and Sexuality Studies, the Program in Media + Modernity, and the Council of the Humanities–have identified a new, unexplored field of study.  (Keep in mind that “new” in academia can be a misleading term.)

It is, may be,  a land grab.  Of course, I may be arriving on March 3 for an opening that began on March 2.

The last few times this sort of transition in the canon has occurred it has taken place in journals, graduate classes, and academic conferences.  Now, though, it occurs in a commons.  An open space. And it is promoted on a website crafted to look like any other pop culture site: Planet Princeton.

Education, higher education, is in the process of transforming itself.  A clear direction and form have not emerged–but the signs are there.

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