Bikes and Education

Dr. Z
I follow various bicycle sites on Instagram.  In some ways it is mi culpa for not making a ride when I am feeling a bit too lazy, reinforcing my poser persona as a cyclist.  Really, though, it is pure and simple lust. Bikeporn.

Hand Built BicycleA few weeks back, a builder, Julie Ann Pedalino, posted an image of one of the most beautiful bikes I have ever seen. Yet, she describes herself as an “apprentice framebuilder.” She uses Instagram to document various stages of her builds and the techniques she employs.   I began following her posts–a major score for my poser status.

The techie pictures are nowhere near as glorious as the shot of that finished build, but watching her explore and develop her skills as a craftsman (apologies for the sexist language) is fascinating.

Her most recent post of a simple steel ring served as a quiet reminder.  “My sample didn’t come out quite as I’d hoped, but it was super fun to check out the anodizing factory.  Good r&d is never a waste of time!”

Her message echoes Brother Totten. Dr. Rechtien, Father Lopez–the voice of an artisan, a philosopher, a rhetorician, a clinical psychologist reminding me of the struggle and joy of growth, of becoming educated.

Education is not about knowing the right answers–a fetish that testing has ingrained in our students, faculty, and administrators.  The wrong answers are as important as the right ones.  Education is about the pursuit.

(Moralizing aside, I still prefer the picture of the over-the-top beautiful bike.)Hand Built Bicycle

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