Secret Wars

A sign that I’m getting old is that I recently referred to Marvel’s upcoming Secret Wars event comic as Crisis for the Marvel universe. However, the most recent reboot of DC was caused by Flashpoint and resulted in the nu52 universe.

From what I can tell, this will be a full reboot.

What  will they call the new Marvel Universe? Will it still be the 616 universe? Will it get a new number?

I’ve seen the setup coming for a while. There’s Daredevil revealing his identity to the world and being forced to move to California to practice law. The death of Wolverine. Superior Iron Man screwing around with Extremis and mainstreaming it into a designer lifestyle. The desire to completely remove the original Nick Fury from the universe and replace him with Sam Jackson retroactively.The death of Xavier and whatever is going on with the young original X-Men and Cyclops. Plus the Uncanny X-Men tampering with the time stream in recent issues.

All of these changes could be reset on a smaller scale but there’s still the “What do you do with the Ultimate Universe?” problem.

Marvel must have known for some time that this was coming. Why else would they allow all of these situations to get to a point where at the least a soft reboot would be required (a la Mephisto and Spider-Man telling the world that he’s Peter Parker).

Marvel, the House of Ideas that used to mock DC’s continuous stream of hard(ish) reboots every 10 years or so, has painted themselves into various corners where a hard reboot is required.

There was talk of some of the different groups, like the X-Men titles, having their own worlds after Secret Wars. Axel Alonso has said that isn’t the case for the X-Men but maybe it will be for some like the Fantastic Four.

Which Fantastic Four will be in the nuMarvel Universe? Who will be Spider-Man? Peter Parker? Miles Morales? These and many other questions are waiting for us on the other side.

Most importantly: Will they be able to erase the Milo Manara Spider-Woman cover from memory? Can they save Jeremy Renner from his Black Widow bashing self?

Robert W is a software consultant who has graciously set aside plans of world domination to focus on comic book multi-verses.  You can follow his thoughts at


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