Hello. Welcome.

We are trying something strange and new here. First things first, though.

The “we” is a strange diverse group of professionals. It includes a marketing guru, a software developer/analyst, a sociologist, a lighting entertainment tech specialist, a IT director, and literatue-rhetorican types. Hopefully, we will be able to drag in an artist and a engineer on occasion. Industry and Education. Liberal Arts, Business, Human Sciences. It is a hodge-podge.

There is no clear single topic or idea that binds us beyond proximity. The diversity of views, opinions, and interests, though, has driven a host of conversations ranging from the upcoming Marvel sequels to obscure classic movies to trending Nike socks. And in these conversations, a unique perspective emerges from the confluence of backgrounds.

We are a group of professionals, who have discovered a new shared discourse in our geek. We have discovered new voices, new insights, and new worlds in our hobbies, our passions, and our professions.

The site is a professional development tool of sorts. It is a place to hone our voices, sharpen our wit, and expand our horizons. More importantly, though, it is a virtual coffee shop for us to interact and learn from those around us.

I am rambling and given away my hand. I, of course, am one of the old school literary types.

Stay for awhile.

We hope that you will stop in from time to time and join our conversation.

Dr. Z

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