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Day Z and the Fear of Isolation

I have always had an interest in I guess what we can call the zombie culture. I have seen all of the classic zombie movies from the B rated, comical, and the ones that are supposed to be true horror. I have speculated, like many other about what I would do in the zombie apocalypse. Re-watched all of the movies and analyzed and criticized what the characters were doing right and wrong.

In Dawn of the Dead and Night of the Living Dead there is the classic barricading to keep the zombies out. In 28 Days later and World War Z head long running and fighting. In I am Legend and even The Walking Dead they hit on the true survival of an apocalypse. Where zombies or the infected are not the only threats. Hunger, thirst, other survivors and loneness can be worse than the zombies.

I am a gamer. I started out with the very first video game, “Pong”. For the longest time Real Time Strategy and simulations were the only games that I would play. First Person Shooters always appeared Continue reading Day Z and the Fear of Isolation