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Scoundrel Fantasy and eReaders

Dr. Z
I have been on a grit fantasy or scoundrel fantasy tear.  It started with Martin’s Games of Thrones.  But having gained momentum and found other engaging works–and it is a force unto itself–it has led me to Lawrence, Abercrombie, Sapkowski, and Scull.

The works, as a whole, are original and fresh.  Some of the plots do echo one another, but for the most part, the works focus on the struggles of morally ambiguous characters.  The approach, in some ways, regenerates the genre, breaking away from the traditional focus on an apocalyptic battle between good and evil.

The works are character studies.  And I have been devouring them on my iPad.  Which prompted a strange and uneasy revelation.

I read better on an electronic device–a Kindle, my iPad, this MacBook Air.   Perhaps it is eye strain.  Perhaps the devices are better suited to my attention span (that of a kitten).  Whatever it is, I am reading more and enjoying my reading more.

With all of that said, I am troubled.  I miss my hard copies. This Books not eReaderssounds vulgar, base.  But it is almost as if I have not read the work if I do not have a hard copy to show for it.  (I did not even recognize Martin’s works at a book shelf in Hastings.)

And with that in mind I have been scouring Half Priced, Bookmans,
and Amazon for tattered used copies of the works to fill my space, my home.

They are souvenirs of the journeys.