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Give us a bit.

We are gathering our information, marshaling our resources, and building our snarks.

We will be posting the ramblings of two college professors, some of their geeky compatriots working in marketing and software, as well as the thoughts and insights of whatever students can be herded into responses.  All of us and others will be weighing in on topics ranging from CW’s Arrow to the latest DC statues to showing college students Takashi Miike’s 13 Assassins.

When we slip, it may sound academic.  For the most, part, it is the on going debates, discussions, and diatribes of group of friends who are in search an outlet for the geek.

Dr. Z

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We provide reviews and recommendations for all things horror. We are particularly fond of 80s, foreign, independent, cult and B horror movies. Please use the menu on the top left of the screen to view our archives or to learn more about us.

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