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Graphic Novels and American Literature

Literature and Graphic Novels

Dr. Z
American Lit class is going to have to select a graphic novel and track the literary ancestry of one of the characters.  Graphic novels are beginning to make appearances in college anthologies, texts.  But they are all of the literally safe ones–Persepolis, Maus.

The bias is there.  I have yet to see any including superheroes anthologized.  (Note that The Rolling Stones carefully culls the superheroes.)

With all of that said, any suggestions for my class?  (One group has already claimed Deadpool.) Continue reading Graphic Novels and American Literature

Comic Book Statues

moon knightI have recently come into some Bowen statues, busts, of a wide variety of Marvel heroes and villains–many of whom I do not recognize.  They range from the wildly outrageous to the vaguely familiar to the iconic.

I found the simplicity of this statue of Moon Knight striking.  Something about the collection as a whole is mesmerizing.

The thought and effort put into
gathering such a collection is breathtaking.  The statues have been
Marvelaccumulated over years, reflecting various stages of the collector’s life.   A biography.

Looking at this one, Zombie, I think about the collector and what he was up to when he purchased it.  The statues form a whole, and the notion of dispersing the collection troubles me.

Dr. Z

A New Terminator

Robert W
As if American children didn’t have enough trouble with spelling, movie studios have to misspell words in titles. Sheesh! (Some background for this exchange.)

Have any of you seen any of the plot points that have been dropped? This time Sarah Connor was raised by a T-800 (Arnie model) Terminator.

I guess you could argue that they keep pushing Judgement Day out further and further but never quite prevent it creating some kind of vicious time vortex.

Dr. Z
I am out of the loop.  After watching the new Avengers trailer, I went back to read all of the hype.  I feel like I am missing something.

Robert  W
I would take the Avengers stuff with a grain of salt. You’re probably better off not looking at too much going in and trying to catch up after the fact. What you are seeing right now are the Marvel & Disney marketing machines ratcheting up interest. None of it is really important.

TIE Fighter Short Clip

Once you watch the whole thing, you will dig it.  The whole thing is really well done.

Rob K
Rob runs herd on the LET Department for a large, suburban community college.

Winter Soldier

Dr. Z
While in Boston, I holed up in my room for the three days to grade.  During that time, one of the channels was showing a Marvel movie every night–Captain America, The Avengers.

On the flight, I watched Winter Soldier without interruption.  I had seen bits and pieces but never the film from beginning to end.  I am not sure if I liked it or not.  The visuals stunning.  Black Widow–I am in love.  But the movie itself–I really do not know.

There was something disturbing lurking under the comic book exterior.  And I can not quite pinpoint it.  Perhaps it is Bucky–who seems a shadow of the Winter Soldiers I see lurking around all of the corners at work.

I liked Winter Soldier.

It’s reminiscent of the Captain America stories of the 70s coming out post Watergate and late Viet Nam War which is similar to the current years where the American people distrust their government.

There are a lot of qualities of the various Nick Fury SHIELD deconstructions.

This is the first film where I even begin to like ScarJo as Black Widow. She actually has some personality. In The Avengers, it felt like she was there because of the way she filled out a catsuit. Seriously! Her ass was in shots in scenes in Avengers she didn’t appear in. In Winter Soldier, she has purpose. She does the things that Captain America won’t do. She’s almost the anti-Cap. One interesting point: Black Widow was born in 1984 but she was in the KGB, which broke up in 1991 in our world. Also, ScarJo is more Scandinavian than Slavic. It’s a thing but not a deal breaker.

Winter Soldier makes for an interesting link to the 40s as does Arnim Zola. The downside to introducing Winter Soldier now is that there isn’t much time for him to grow before Cap 3: Civil War.

I love the execution on Falcon. I wish they’d gotten a few elements from his red and white costume but sort of understand why they didn’t.

Did you read Nick Fury’s tombstone? The scripture?

It’s a film with layers for sure.

I have begun brushing up.